Objectives express in detailed, precise and measurable terms, what the organization will achieve within the planned time period. Objectives are those ends which an organization seeks to achieve through its existence and operations. Objectives are specific targets that provide standards for assessing organizational performance. Strategies are programmes and the means by which the organization achieves its objectives

NWSB will implement clearly defined objectives through the Strategic Plan. The Corporate goal is to ensure the provision of safe, reliable and sustainable water supply in adequate amounts as well as safe sanitation services during the plan period. To achieve these for the period up to 2018; NWSB has following objectives:


  • Increase urban areas water supply coverage by an average of 4% and safe sanitation/sewerage coverage by an average of 2% every year in the region.
  • Increase rural water supply coverage by an average of 6% and safe sanitation coverage by an average of 5% every year in the region.
  • Mobilize adequate financial resources and other logistical requirements to investment in infrastructural improvements, developments and service delivery to achieve the desired increases in water supply and sanitation coverage in the region.
  • Enhance collaborations, coordination and synergies with other actors to optimize on socio-economic development in the region.
  • Strengthen institutional capacity of the Board and water services providers under the Board.
  • Enhance active engagement of all stakeholders to maintain effective communication at all levels.
  • Mainstream cross cutting issues in all relevant activities and undertakings.
  • Enhance performance, regulatory compliance and reporting on water services delivery in the region.


For each of the objectives, respective strategies and action plans have been defined and spelled out in the strategic and investment plans with a timeline to ensure effective implementation.