Northern Water Services Board (NWSB) is a regional state corporation created under the Water Act 2002 to ensure availability of sufficient potable water and sanitation services for the people of the region through agents called Water Services Providers.

The Board was established through a Gazette Notice No. 1716 of March 2004, as one of the eight (8) water service boards within the country, all of which were created under the Water Act 2002.

The Board covers seven (7) arid/semiarid Counties i.e. Isiolo, Laikipia, Garissa, Mandera, Marsabit, Samburu and Wajir; all of which have a total area of approx, 244,860 Km2 (about 43% of Kenya). This area has a population of about 3.4 million people (2009) census and over 4.5million livestock.

The yearly precipitations vary from 300mm to 1000mm and temperature variation of 220 to 390 centigrade and the main economic activity is livestock keeping where water points targeting livestock remain the highest in number.
Northern Water Sevices Board is one of the eight water services Boards in Kenya, formed under the provision of the Water ACt 2002. The Boards was established through Kenya Gazette Notice No. 1715 of 12th March, 2004. its mandate is to ensure cost effective and sustainable provision of water and sanitation services in its area of jurisdiction as provided for by the Water ACt 2002. The Board is operating on a 10 year license issued by the regulator on 25th September 2009 after a set of regulations were fulfilled.

The Water Act 2002 provides that Water Service Providers will deliver services as agents of the Board. This arrangement is effected through Service Provision Agreements (SPA) that the Board enters into with its Service Providers and for which the providers pay an agency fee. The Board appointed 10 water Companies and 24 water societies.

In order to perform its Mandate, the Board developed its Ten year strategic plan in 2005 to cover the period 2006 to 2015, with a target of attaining the Millenium Development Goals for water and sanitation sub-sector. The Strategic plan was reviewed in 2009 to incorporate the VIsion 2030. in it, the Board identifies corporate statements (Vision and Mission), Strategic objectives and corporate value as follows;